Workshops & School Program

Children’s Workshops

Our children’s workshops are really the heart of our organisation. These fun-filled afternoons at the Maharashtra Nature Park, include a scavenger hunt, meetings with trees and leaf detective work that will bring a new appreciation for our city’s arboreal residents. Kids will make friends with trees, learn about the vital ecological role of native trees, and take home a booklet that will help them identify common native to plant and non-native trees to avoid in their neighbourhood. 

The workshop is shared as a gift, without charging a fee for facilitation and works on a pay it forward model. 

If you would like to commission a workshop or a school program, please email

Ice Breaker and Warm Up

Clue Card for Scavenger Hunt

Matching the Leaf

Can’t Wait for the Next Clue

Tree Talk

Examining the Bark

What Is The Bird Eating?

Understanding Plant-Insect-Bird Relationships

Say Trees!