Native Plant Database

Database of over 15,000 plant-insect relationships for over 2,000 plants (and growing) in India.

This database is the first database of its kind for the Indian sub-continent with specific lists of native plants ranked by the number of butterflies and moths that use them as caterpillar host plants. This database will help gardeners and municipal authorities to choose plants that are best suited towards supporting the greatest biodiversity in their ecological region.

We have currently created lists of high biodiversity supporting native plants for 3 cities. In doing so, we have selected plants that are native for the eco-region, and then used the plant-insect database to rank them according to their ability to support biodiversity. The lists comprise trees, shrubs, climbers and grasses. The number in brackets are the BioPower Index for the individual plants, higher number indicates greater ability of the plant to support species biodiversity. 

Note: While planting a garden it is important to plant diverse species of plants. This will support greater biodiversity in your garden. For instance, planting two different trees one Mango (109) and one Teak (67), will give your garden a higher total BioPower than planting two Mango trees.

Please note, the BioPower Index is indicative and the values will change as the database of feeding relationships grows with time.